Top 3 Mistakes That Hold You Back From Getting Paid

As an organization that enables 250,000+ businesses receipts their customers every year, we’ve surveyed and found a basic truth: some entrepreneurs get paid on time while others don’t.

Today we’ll share the absolute most common regular mistakes organizations make with regards to invoicing and the most ideal approaches to keep away from them. On the off chance that you sidestep these issues, you’ll see on the positive side of the payment equation.

Mistake: Taking Your Time To Send An Invoice

You’d be astounded what number of entrepreneurs are dependably on time with regards to services however then take possibly more than seven days to send the receipt over. This prompts a major postponement in getting paid and it’s an extremely basic mistake to maintain a strategic distance from.

Tip: Send your receipt right when you complete work. Utilize the Daily Sales Record portable application so you can make and send from wherever you happen to be.

Mistake: Not Including The Important Details.

Important time is lost when you need to backpedal and forward with the client over befuddling terms and details on your receipt.


•   Add itemized line things including where your time was spent and what buys you made. Incorporate receipts as required.

•   Avoid industry jargon by talking in plain dialect.

•  Share awful news (i.e. startling costs) early face to face or by telephone.

Mistake: Not Communicating The Value Of Paying By Debit Or Credit Card.

Accepting payments via card has benefits for you, including spending less time pursuing down cash and getting paid quicker. In the event that you don’t illuminate the advantages for your clients, you might be feeling the loss of a chance to take more prominent control of your income.

Tip: Instruct yourself on the core advantages of credit and debit card payments. Here are a couple to kick you off:

  • Easiest approach to pay with no setup requirement.
  • Avoids the hassle of delay payment.
  • Safest, most secure approach to pay – Daily Sales Record payment partner.

Need more help? Here’s a guide you can give clients who may have inquiries regarding Daily Sales Record.

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